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How to use Onboard

What you need to know to use the onboarding portal

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During your first meeting with our Onboarding team, we'll give you access to an Onboard dashboard to keep track of your onboarding progress and make sure we gather all the information needed to take over as your accountant.

How it works

Once you've been invited to your Outmin onboarding map, you'll receive an email in your inbox to create an Onboard account.

After creating your account, you'll be able to log in and access your onboarding map:

  1. Click on βœ“ Tasks to view all the tasks remaining in your Outmin onboarding.

    Each task has a due date and is assigned to someone.

  2. Some of these tasks are assigned to you: it means that Outmin is waiting for some action on your side. If you click on the task, you'll see the task's details explaining what the next actionable step is.

  3. If you have a question regarding a specific task, open task details and use the πŸ’¬ Discussion tab to communicate with us.

  4. When you're done with a task, just tick it off βœ…

If several of your companies are joining Outmin at the same time, you'll get access to one Onboard map per company. Once you've created your Onboard account, you'll be able to access all your onboarding maps using the same logins.

To switch between two maps, simply click on your company name in the top left of your screen, and a dropdown of all your companies currently onboarding with Outmin will pop-up.

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