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Onboarding has two main parts:

  • Platform onboarding (regular set up that every customer goes through)

  • Clean-up (only if there are errors in your historical data that we must correct)

We need to set up your accounts and finances on Outmin and make sure it is correct from the beginning - to do that, we fully rely on information from your accounting software and your prior accountants.

How it works

To set up your accounts and finances on Outmin properly, we require your help with an array of steps and requirements that can be frustrating at first, but we work with you to make it as quick and easy as possible.

  • The more you engage with us in this period the sooner it is over!

  • The faster we get all the historical information we need, the faster it is.

This might feel time-consuming, but we highlight that the average Outmin onboard takes 2 weeks vs an industry average of approximately 3 months.

At the end, we put together a playbook based on the information you share about your business for reference regarding invoices, receipts, sales invoice, and reporting.

Please note that in case we do discover unforeseen errors in your historical data that we could not identify previously, we will offer you a separate, one-off quote to fix it for you, or we will need you to work with your previous accountant to do so.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, it cannot be avoided, so the faster it’s fixed the better.

If you need help or advice, always contact our Customer Success at [email protected]

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