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How to work with your payroll in Outmin

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Important ๐Ÿšจ

The critical factor for your success with Outmin is timely access to your information. This includes your payroll transactions and employee information.

How it works

We handle all your payroll workings and filings - we issue you Gross-to-Net workings and your employees password-protected payslips.

  • Please always send us a confirmation of salaries and/or timesheets and expenses to ensure everything is issued on time.

  • If you forget to send us something or discover an error, we can re-run payroll, but equally we can correct this in the next payroll.

The most efficient way to complete payroll is to agree to it and run it once. There are times when there are adjustments required, which is fine.

If you need regular adjustments to payroll, we can help you make this more efficient. But as it requires more work from our team, it will increase your subscription.

What is Outmin's process for running my payroll?

Weekly payroll timeline

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Monthly payroll process

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If you need help or advice, always contact our Customer Success at [email protected]

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