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Run your first payroll with Outmin
Run your first payroll with Outmin

What we need to handle your payroll workings and filings

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Simplify your payroll by outsourcing it to Outmin accounting solution. Let our experts handle your payroll with ease and accuracy. This way you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

How it works

To run your payroll, Outmin needs access to all your employees' information (Name, Date of birth, PPSN, etc) and to an overview of taxes, contributions, and other deductions that appeared on your payroll previously. Depending on how you run your payroll today, we have different ways to retrieve this information.

I'm a new company, this my first ever payroll

Employee Detail Sheet

During your onboarding, we will send you a link to complete your Employee Detail Sheet. This document allows us to keep track of your employees' personal information such as their PPSN and IBAN, but also their salary/hourly rate, start date, pay frequency, etc.

PAYE Registration

If this is your first time running payroll, it's likely that you aren't registered for PAYE yet. If it's the case, we'll let you know during onboarding - Outmin can register you for PAYE with Revenue. In that case, we might need you to sign a Customer Registration Request before we can register your company for taxes.

I do payroll myself using a payroll software

I use BrightPay to prepare my payroll

If you already use BrightPay, we will only need a back-up file export to take over your payroll. Please let us know you're using BrightPay during your onboarding, and we'll guide you through the process to export the required file.

I use another software (Sage, Thesaurus, SimplePay, etc)

If you use a payroll software like Sage or SimplePay, you'll need to add us as a user using a unique email address we'll provide you with during onboarding. Once we have access to your payroll software, we can retrieve the information we need directly.

The process to add us as a user may vary depending on the platform you're using - if you're having issues adding us as a user, please let us know.

My previous accountant is doing my payroll

Contact your previous accountant

If your previous accountant is currently doing your payroll, we can contact them directly to retrieve the required information. Before we can contact them, you need to let them know Outmin is taking over your payroll.

Once they're aware, please send us their contact information and we'll reach out to gather your payroll information.

Up-to-date Employee Detail Sheet

If we retrieve your payroll information from your previous accountant, we will ask you to complete an Employee Detail Sheet to ensure that the information we have is accurate and up-to-date.

Important 🚨

We handle all your payroll workings and filings - we issue you Gross-to-Net workings and your employees password-protected payslips.

  • Please always send us a confirmation of salaries and/or timesheets and expenses to ensure everything is issued on time.

  • If you forget to send us something or discover an error, we can re-run payroll, but equally we can correct this in the next payroll.

The most efficient way to complete payroll is to agree to it and run it once. There are times when there are adjustments required, which is fine.

If you need regular adjustments to payroll, we can help you make this more efficient. But as it requires more work from our team, it will increase your subscription.

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