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How to work with your bank accounts in Outmin

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The critical factor for your success with Outmin is timely access to your information. This includes transactions on your bank accounts, credit cards, and expense cards.

How it works

If your bank account is not connected to Outmin, we cannot file your VAT returns or issue any accounts information - we need all of your transactions to do our work.

  • For Outmin to deliver value to you, you need to keep your bank accounts connected at all times.

    • Under the Central Bank’s regulation, you are required to re-connect your bank every 6 months. We will prompt you when this is needed.

  • If we are unsure what a bank transaction relates to or are missing a document, we use Rex in Outmin to ask you to help us.

Trying to connect a new bank account? See How to connect a bank account to Outmin

If you need help or advice, always contact our Customer Success at [email protected]

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