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How to reconnect a bank account to Outmin
How to reconnect a bank account to Outmin

This article is a step-by-step guide to reconnect your bank account on your Outmin dashboard.

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If you're looking to connect a new bank account to Outmin, please refer to the article: "How to connect a bank account to Outmin".

Once you’re logged in to your Outmin account, go into “Bank Accounts” in the side menu. You should see the bank account(s) you previously linked to Outmin.

Click on “Reconnect” next to the account you wish to reconnect.

The platform will take you to Plaid, which is a financial services company we use to connect your financial data to the Outmin platform in a secure way.

On Plaid, click on “continue” and enter your bank log-ins.

Once this process is completed, your Outmin dashboard will show up again. Just refresh the page, and you should be able to see the bank account(s) you just relinked!

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