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Approve your payroll on BrightPay
Approve your payroll on BrightPay
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Managing payroll approvals is really easy with BrightPay. Say goodbye to email approvals and enjoy a smoother, more efficient process that saves your valuable time. Here’s how it works.

How it works

Once you’ve set up your BrightPay account, follow the steps in the video or in the step-by-step guide below.



Wait for the payroll approval email

Once our payroll team has prepared your payroll, you'll receive a new approval request via email. Open it and click on ‘Start’. You can then log in to your BrightPay account.

Review the payroll run summary and make sure it’s correct

Tip: Select an individual employee to preview their payslips and year-to-date payroll details. You can also download their draft payslip in PDF format.

Approve or reject the payroll run


If everything is correct, approve the payroll run by clicking on "Approve the payroll run".


If you need to request changes, reject the payroll run by clicking the "Reject the Payroll Run" button.

If you reject the payroll run, please be ready to approve the amended payroll run on the same day or on the following day.

The fastest way for you to get the required changes made is by including a comment specifying what exactly you’d like to change. When you add a comment, please confirm it by clicking "Add Comment" before you finalise the rejection.

Once you reject or approve the payroll run, you will see a confirmation message pop up on your screen. This confirms we have received your approval or rejection. You can close it by clicking ‘Close"

🆘 I need help with BrightPay

If you're having trouble navigating BrightPay to approve your payroll, please see BrightPay's payroll approvals guide for additional guidance.

💡 Benefits for you

  • Centralised management: No more juggling between emails, spreadsheets, and calls. Everything is handled in one place.

  • Efficiency: Fast, easy communication and fewer steps mean less time spent on payroll admin.

  • Accuracy: Reducing email interactions minimises the chance for human error.

😎 Best practices

  • Keep an eye on your email: Make sure you don’t miss a request for payroll approval so that your employees are paid on time.

  • Communicate with us: Use the built-in messaging features in BrightPay to let us know about any changes needed or anything that doesn’t look right. If you’re unsure, reach out to [email protected].

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