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How to issue a Credit Note on Outmin?
How to issue a Credit Note on Outmin?
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If you need to make adjustments to an existing sales invoice, you will need to issue a Credit Note. This can be done directly on your Outmin dashboard.

How it works

To issue a Credit Note, you'll need the same information required to issue an invoice: a customer, the currency you wish to issue the credit note in, and which of your products the credit note relates to. The Credit Note will follow the numbering convention of your invoicing.

Once you're logged in your Outmin dashboard, go to the "Sales Invoicing" tab and click on "Invoices"

  1. Click on Create Credit Note

  2. Input the same details as the invoice you're looking to amend

  3. Select the customer and currency in the drop-down menus

  4. Select the Product/Service from the dropdown, click on the + Add button to add multiple products/services if needed

  • If you wish to save the Credit Note and modify it later, click on "Save as Draft".

  • If you want to issue the Credit Note, but send it yourself to your client, click on "Save".

  • If you want to issue the Credit Note and have it sent automatically to your client, click on "Save & Send".

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