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How to answer a Rex request
How to answer a Rex request

Quick review of Rex, and why it's important

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Rex is a built-in tool on your Outmin dashboard that allows the Outmin Team to reach out to you easily, verify your transactions, review your documents and keep your accounts up to date.

How it works

If your Outmin accountant requires some additional information or documents for your accounts, a Rex request will be issued. When you log into your Outmin dashboard, you can see if a Rex request has been made on the left sidebar, under the "To do" section.

To answer a Rex request, click on the Messages icon under Activity. This will open up a conversation window, in which you can send a custom message to your Outmin accountant, upload the matching invoice, or inform us you do not have the requested document.

Why is it important?

The critical factor for your success with Outmin is timely access to your information. This includes all of your purchase and sales invoices, supplier statements, and expense receipts.

This is why it's important that you make sure to check your Rex requests regularly, and inform us if you don't understand our request or can't provide the matching document. To make sure you don't miss anything and allow your accountant to stay on top of your accounts, we recommend you log into your Outmin dashboard at least once a week and go through Rex.

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