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How do I add a user to my Outmin account?
How do I add a user to my Outmin account?

How to add users to your Outmin dashboard, and how to manage user permissions

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Whether you want someone from your team to upload an invoice or give directors more visibility into your company's accounting, you can always add them as a user directly on your Outmin dashboard!

How it works

Once you're logged in your Outmin dashboard, click on "Users" in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

  1. Click on + Add User

  2. Fill out the new user's name and email

  3. In the dropdown menu,

    select the permissions you want for your new user ("Upload only" or "Admin")

  4. Create and confirm a password for the new account

Your new user will be able to update this password later on if needed.

With "Upload only" permission, a user will only be able to Upload invoices and documents, and won't be able to access Rex requests or your company's financial data.

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