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Actions for our customers
Actions for our customers

What we need your help with, and who to contact at Outmin

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What we need your help with:

Weekly (ideally daily)

  • Respond to all Rex requests and upload any invoices that you have

    • This will ensure your accounts are always up to date

    • This will also allow you to access up-to-date P&L statements as well as a Balance Sheet (you can export those from your Outmin account)

    • Tip: If you have a regular supplier who could send us a copy of your invoices (to save your time), ask them to CC your Outmin upload email

    • Reminder: Please note that if you don't share all the relevant documents with us (sales invoices, receipts, there will be significant delays in providing your accounts

  • Send your Outmin Payroll contact your payroll input (if you run payroll weekly).


  • Help us close your month by submitting all missing invoices via Rex

    • Reminder: We cannot issue your Management Accounts otherwise

  • Send your Outmin Payroll contact your payroll input (if you run payroll monthly)

  • Confirm you are happy for us to file your PAYE and pay the liability to Revenue

  • Confirm you are happy for us to submit your VAT filing (only if it’s VAT month) to Revenue, including a potential liability

Every 6 months

  • Re-connect your bank account(s) to Outmin

    • Reminder: Please note that if your bank accounts are not connected to Outmin, we cannot issue any reports, reconcile your accounts, or complete your compliance filings

💡 Please ensure that you always connect any new bank accounts (including credit cards), and let us know about any employee updates, or if you decide to use a new system to receive sales (e.g. Stripe, Shopify, a POS system) so that we can get access to it to retrieve your sales.

What we don’t (yet) do - but soon will!

  • We don’t (yet!) provide real-time bookkeeping, but our team is diligently working to keep your accounts up to date at least weekly (but usually it’s every few days).

  • We don’t provide real-time access to your tax filings or payroll history.

  • We don’t provide advisory services for R&D Tax queries, but can direct you to the right place to get the right advice.

Who to contact

If you need help or advice, always contact our Customer Success at [email protected]

They will serve as your point of contact for all queries, help you with any platform-related questions, and will direct you to the right place if your query requires input from your Accountant or anyone else from the Outmin team.

Please do not contact anyone else without running it by our Customer Success. Doing so will likely result in slower response times as we need to internally forward your message back to them.

If you or your suppliers need to send documents, such as invoices, payroll data or sales reports, please refer to the table below:



When to use it

Outmin upload email


Send statements and invoices there

Outmin proxy


Submit payroll data (e.g. hours worked)

Customer Success

Everything else

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