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How to work with Outmin on your Management Accounts

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πŸ’‘ This section is only relevant if your subscription includes Management Accounts.

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The critical factor for your success with Outmin is timely access to your information. Once we have all of your bank transactions and documents, we can prepare your Management Accounts.

How it works

If your subscription includes Management Accounts, please ensure that you stay on top of any Rex documents requests. We issue management accounts weekly or monthly, depending on your subscription, by email.

If your documents are not up to date, we cannot issue Management Accounts.

We often need to include accruals for certain items like rent, missing documents, and others. These are only included in your issued Management Accounts, not in Outmin.

  • When reviewing your figures in Outmin, please be clear that any item in the accruals tab in your Management Accounts are not in the platform.

If we do not have accurate opening balances from before your Outmin Go-Live date, which is agreed on during your onboarding, your Management Accounts will not be accurate. Depending on your onboarding, we will either obtain these from your previous accountant or by completing an accounts clean-up.

In spite of all our automation and controls, some errors can still get through to final figures. Should you see something you believe is incorrect, please let us know and we will send back documentation on whether it was an error and any other relevant context. If you would rather we treat a given item a different way, please let us know and we will guide you on the existing treatment as well as what your change would impact, before agreeing to the change.

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