How to work with Outmin on your VAT

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The critical factor for your success with Outmin is timely access to your information. Once we have all of your bank transactions and documents, we can complete your VAT.

How it works

Please ensure your Rex documents are resolved before the VAT filing deadline. This will allow us to file your VAT quickly and accurately.

During onboarding, you need to decide whether you would like us to always “file and pay” or seek your permission before filing and paying.

The most efficient way to do your VAT is for us to "file and pay" on your behalf.

  • For handling VAT payments to Revenue, you have two options:

    1. Set up automatic payments via direct debit (DD)

    2. Pay manually

If agreed to during onboarding, we can make these payments on your behalf, and we will always ask for your permission over email to make a payment to Revenue when we file your VAT return.

If you do not want us to make payments on your behalf, you will need to make the payment yourself and on time, as this is is outside of our control. If your payment is late, Revenue will charge a penalty that you will be responsible for paying.

If you do not have a document in time for the filing deadline, don’t worry, we can still file your VAT.

  • If you obtain the document at some point, let us know and we can include it in the next return.

  • If you cannot obtain the document, we cannot include it in your VAT return. This means the transaction will not be eligible for a VAT claim.

Trying to upload a document for your VAT? See How to upload documents to Outmin

In spite of all our automation and controls, some errors can still get through to final figures. Should you see something you believe is incorrect, please let us know and we will send back documentation on whether it was an error and any other relevant context. If you would rather we treat a given item a different way, please let us know and we will guide you on the existing treatment as well as what your change would impact, before agreeing to the change.

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